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One evening on the beach, Anders is sitting with binoculars, watching his son, Thor, who is diving and spearing fish in the sea with his two friends. Meanwhile, Anders’ thoughts are taken back to his childhood sweetheart Cecilie, whom he can’t get out of his head, and his inner journey begins. But at the same time, a potential danger is lurking out on the water...
Thoughts of Cecilie take him far and wide in the many spaces of his mind, including on a train trip around the world. As Anders remembers his past, he learns about love and life’s many detours. The question is, how will it end with him and Cecilie? And what will happen to his son and his friends out on the water?
Rekindled Love is a novel about great infatuation, love, and how love acts as a driving force in life. It is also a travelogue and a story about unrequited love, loneliness, and stumbling and finding your way, despite all the obstacles encountered in life.


Excerpt from the book
In the distance he sees a sailboat with a mainsail and foresail. The boat crosses against the offshore wind and heels a little so the top of the keel is visible. Anders, who has sailed quite a bit, feels quite elated watching the sailboat and follows it with his eyes for a few minutes. The sight of it makes him recall his past life …

Anders has to concentrate to picture it all. His thoughts of the boat make threads to the past. Suddenly, time shrinks, and the story of his childhood sweetheart fades into view on his retina.


About the author 
Lars Bjerregaard Jessen holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Business, Language and Culture as well as an MBA. He is a former communications manager at a large private company and now teaches higher education. Rekindled Love is Lars’ debut in English.